OmniVista Cirrus 10.x

A Network Management System as a Service.
From a single application, monitor and configure your entire network, and get near real time visibility into performance and analytics. All this and more while keeping it simple and efficient for you.


How It Works


We securely retrieve network telemetry data in near real time from configured network elements.


We perform insightful correlation and aggregation on the data sets to provide consistent and easy to understand metrics.


We present key network and client statistical measurements and data analytics in friendly and adaptive screens.

Discover how we can help you to monitor your network efficiently.

OmniVista Cirrus helps you effectively monitor your network by collecting accurate data and presenting it in a simple way.

  • Easy navigation through a fluid web application.
  • Advanced Network and Client Analytics functionalities.
  • Effective correlation and isolation for troubleshooting.


Organization Management

Create and manage multi-site organizations.

User Management

Secure and advanced access control for network administration.


Securely Integrate with Eco-System applications for network analytics and operations.

Network Analytics

Monitor in real-time key network parameters and overall health.

Client Analytics

Visualize key trends on network usage, client and device persona.

Client behavior Analytics

Monitor TopN domains accessed, client session duration.

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